The Perfect Makeup Guide For Beginners

When it comes to
makeup it’s easy to get lost in those numerous makeup tutorials and
various guides with tips and tricks for all occasions. Most of them
are prepared by women who have been doing makeup for years, making it
hard for beginners to tap into the magic world of makeup artistry.
Well, fear not, my dear aspiring makeup artist because I have a
simple, elegant, and easy solution for you – the beginner’s guide
to makeup! It has all the necessary essentials that will help you
create an easy, yet flawless look.

Step 1.

Many makeup
artists forget to mention this most important first step that comes
before anything else. Prepping your skin is essential to creating a
gorgeous look. You can use mists, serums, lotions, and even special
oils to do the job. Spread the moisturizer over your skin evenly, let
it dry a few minutes, and then follow the next step.

Moisturize | The Perfect Makeup Guide For Beginners | Her Beauty

Step 2.

Whether you’re
prepping your skin for a full-on makeup or just want something light
and easy on the eye, primer is the one thing that will help your
makeup last longer. This is the base of the foundation (which comes
next) and the very trick that will help your eyeshadow look flawless.

Primer | The Perfect Makeup Guide For Beginners | Her Beauty

Step 3.
Liquid Foundation

No makeup guide
for beginners is complete without the liquid foundation. It’s easy
to apply (you can use fingers, sponges, or brushes) and it helps
create a smooth texture for your flawless makeup look. The main trick
is to pick the right shade, so don’t be afraid to spend as much
time as you need in the store to test different colours!

Liquid Foundation | The Perfect Makeup Guide For Beginners | Her Beauty

Step 4.

I could say that
this step is optional for ladies with great complexion, but for the
rest of us who have blemishes and under-eye circles concealer is a
real saviour. Make sure that you blend it well into your foundation.
Remember that the right shade really matters here, too!

Concealer | The Perfect Makeup Guide For Beginners | Her Beauty

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