9 Classic Makeup Looks to Rock

makeup trends fall out of favor, but others transcend typical
popularity as classics. These time-tested looks are guaranteed hits
regardless of the weather, the season, or the current era. Some of
these looks have been classic go-tos for decades now, like red
lipstick and cat eye eyeliner. Regardless if you are looking for a
regal look or a casual style, you can incorporate any of these looks
into your beauty arsenal with ease. Check out these 9 classic makeup
looks to rock. 

Eye Eyeliner

winged or swooshed, the cat eye style for eyeliner is a classic look
that is good for almost any situation. You can get creative or go
with a standard style, but you will still accomplish a beautiful

Cat Eye Eyeliner | 9 Classic Makeup Looks to Rock | Her Beauty


red lip is great when you really want a facial feature to pop and
stand out. Old Hollywood stars knew that red lipstick was a classic
statement look, that goes with any skin tone, and any occasion. 

Red Lipstick | 9 Classic Makeup Looks to Rock | Her Beauty


cream rouge or powder based blush are ideal tools to accomplish
perfect rosy cheeks. This looks gives the effect of appearing just
faintly flush but not tired, with a healthy, lively glow. This look
is great for any season as well. 

Rosy Cheeks | 9 Classic Makeup Looks to Rock | Her Beauty

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